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Investigations Law Group (ILG) offers prompt, thorough and neutral workplace investigations. Our investigators are all experienced employment lawyers or high-level HR professionals with at least twenty years of experience, and many hundreds of investigations under their belts. We have more experience than anyone else in doing this kind of work.

We have provided workplace investigations in the areas of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, assault, employee misconduct, ethics violations, retaliation, theft and many other substantive areas of employment law. WPi’s investigators have been relied upon by energy clients, government entities, high-tech and scientific research companies, fire protection districts, airlines, global financial institutions, local restaurants and bars, multinational corporations and every size and type of organization in between. We have experienced in unionized as well as private enterprise contexts, and we have specialized expertise in high litigation risk situations.

All investigations are tailored to your scope and can run the gamut from a full-scale investigations involving dozens of interviews and a formal report, to a limited analysis of a few individuals or documents and a verbal discussion of conclusions. For small clients with limited budgets, we can also coach your HR staff through an investigation as outside advisors, helping them to get the work done themselves, with the benefit of our oversight. Tailoring the scope, or staging the work, is one way to help manage the expense that an outside investigation can entail. We are happy to work with you to get you what you need, and no more.

We will respond and begin your investigation right away, once we are retained. A prompt response is essential in our line of work, and we are used to operating in an urgent setting. That is the nature of the beast.


ILG can create compliance training for any sized organization in dozens of areas of employment law and workplace best practices. 

We have provided training in the following areas, and many more: harassment and discrimination, policy update and compliance, conducting workplace investigations, hiring and firing, performance management and documentation, generational diversity, the perks and perils of the wired workplace, codes of conduct expectations and workplace communication.

No training is “”in the box”” at ILG. There is no one-size-fits-all mentality in anything we do. You will always receive an individually tailored program suited to exactly what your company needs to achieve. ILG trainers are perfect for an organization that wants to do a focused training with specific goals in mind, custom tailored for the organization.

Human Resources Advice and Consulting

Top flight HR advice shouldn’t be available only to the Fortune 500 companies who can afford to hire the best HR professionals. At ILG, we make the most cutting edge HR advice available to you through our HR coach program.

We help our coaching clients with everything from setting up their HR function at the beginning of their business, to managing performance, dealing with discipline and terminations, hiring, policy making and day-to-day HR problem solving. HR Setup and Monthly Service levels can be tailored for any sized company from start-up to medium-sized, with annual pricing to match.

You insist on the best and the brightest business people to develop your products and move your business forward. Don’t settle for anything less in your human capital support. Let us give you the cutting edge in managing your most important asset – your people.